Stories & Crafts: Sharing 1

Welcome to this week’s digital Stories & Crafts for preschoolers. The theme this week is sharing. While it is for preschoolers anyone can stop in to listen. Let’s see if gorilla will share!

Make an Ice Cream Cone

Let’s try making our own ice cream cone.


  • 4 cupcake liners
  • 2-3 straws in different colors
  • glue
  • 2 pieces of paper, one sheet to glue the pieces to and another for the cone,
  • a brown marker or crayon


  1. Use the brown crayon to draw lines on the paper going in opposite directions.
  2. Cut out a tall cone shape from this paper and glue it to the other piece of paper, leaving room for the cupcake liners.
  3. Now it is time to add the two ice cream scoops with the cupcake liners. I used 2 liners per scoop so the background color would not show through. You could just add one scoop if you wish. Glue the liners down in just a few spots and it will add some dimension.
  4. Cut the straws into ½ inch pieces.
  5. Dip the side of the straw pieces into a dime sized puddle of glue and paste to your scoops. Add as many as you want to make your own unique ice cream cone.

Things to talk about

  • What color or flavor is your favorite ice cream?
  • What kind will you make today?
  • Where do we keep the ice cream?
  • What else do we keep in the freezer?

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