Stories & Crafts: Pets 2

Welcome back to Stories & Crafts for preschoolers. Listen to Rhonda read Pet Show! by Ezra Jack Keats. Then make a fish bowl.

Make a Fish Bowl


  • 2 paper plates
  • blue and green paint, acrylic or water color
  • colored paper for fish
  • paint sponge
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tape



  • Finger paint or use a sponge to paint one of the plates blue. Some children may want to use their whole hand to paint. Older children may use just one finger. Let them use whatever works.
  • Use colored construction paper to make fish and other features for the fish bowl. Glue everything onto the plate.
  • Cut out the middle circle of the second plate. You could paint it blue, like I did for the second craft.
  • Tape the second plate to the first plate.

For a great sensory experience try this variation of the fish bowl. For this one you will need hair gel or something similar and a sturdy sandwich or quart size plastic bag. I found inexpensive hair gel at a dollar store. I made my fish with craft foam. You could use toy fish as well.

Things to Talk About

  • What color fish did you put in the fish bowl?
  • What will you feed your fish?
  • If your child finger paints or does the second craft, ask him/her how the paint felt or how it felt to move the fish around in the gel.

More Fun


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