Stories & Crafts: Pete the Cat

Welcome to week 10 of Stories and Crafts for preschoolers. This week’s stories are by one of our favorite authors, Eric Litwin, and read by one of our awesome storytellers, Joyce! You’re in for a groovy time!

To listen to Eric Litwin read this AND his other books (Groovy Joe or the Nut Family) check out his website for free downloads. We love authors who generously bring kids and books together!

Watch Eric Litwin reading Pete the Cat and singing Pete’s song.  You can sing along! .

Make a Stand-up Paper Pete

You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own Pete with little more that a single sheet of blue paper.


  • 1 sheet of blue paper
  • 1 small piece of yellow paper for Pete’s eyes
  • 1 small piece of colored of paper for Pete’s shoes
  • 1 small piece of white paper for Pete’s whiskers and shoe laces
  • black marker or crayon for Pete’s nose and the pupils of his eyes
  • scissors
  • glue


  1. Fold a sheet of blue paper in half, hamburger style. By using a folded piece of paper, Pete will be able to stand up on his own when you are finished.
  2. On the edge away from the fold, draw two curved lines as pictured. The lines here are drawn on white paper so the pattern is easy to see but you will draw it on your blue paper. To me, it looks like someone drew a large mouth on the edge of the paper.
  3. As much as possible, allow your child to cut along the two blue lines. Because the paper is folded, you will end up with two Pete heads and two Pete tails. You only need one of each so you can discard the extras.
  4. Cut four ovals to be Pete’s shoes using whatever color your child prefers. Cut one yellow oval, then cut it in half to make Pete’s two eyes. Cut several thin strips of white paper to be Pete’s whiskers and shoelaces.
  5. Allow your child to glue Pete’s head, tail, eyes, whiskers, shoes and shoelaces into place on Pete, as shown in the second picture. Last of all, give Pete a nose and pupils by drawing them on with your black marker or crayon.  Pete is sure to think he looks groovy!
  6. Have fun with your child imagining a story that explains how their Pete ended up with color on his shoes. Whatever did Pete step in this time?!

More Fun

Have a Pete the Cat Snack

Offer your children a healthy snack using the items Pete stepped in: strawberries, blueberries and mud (NOT really! Chocolate pudding is an edible substitution that looks like mud but tastes much better). Let them play to learn as they show you what their face would look like if it really was mud. Add other colorful foods like carrots or fresh peas and discuss what color those foods would turn Pete’s shoes if he stepped in them.


If you and your children would like to read more of Eric Litwin’s wonderful books, here they are.  Several titles are available in Spanish.

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Thanks for joining us today. Come back next time for a really cool treat as Joyce reads Eric Litwin’s book Groovy Joe: Ice Cream and DinosaursFind more Stories & Crafts.

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