Stories & Crafts: Magic 2

Welcome to magic week of Stories & Crafts. This is a program geared for preschoolers, but anyone can stop by for a listen and try out the crafts. Sit down and listen to Miss Rhonda read Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig, make a magic wand and find more fun.

Magic Wand, Dancing Wand


  • construction paper
  • stickers, ribbon, crayons, or markers, whatever you have to decorate
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paper towel roll or craft stick


  1. Draw a star on construction paper. If you’re not great at drawing stars, use this template to print one.
  2. For scissor practice have your child cut out the star.
  3. Let your child decorate the star and the paper towel roll.
  4. Glue the star on to the paper towel roll. Double stick tape works great, too.

Things to Talk About

  • What other shapes could you add to the top of your wand?
  • Practice name writing. Personalize the wand by having your child write his or her name on the star or the paper towel roll.
  • Sing and dance together to some favorite library music or Just Like Magic with your wand.

More Fun

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