Stories & Crafts: Dogs & Cats 2

Welcome to our digital Stories & Crafts for preschoolers. Listen and count along as Theresa reads Seven Bad Cats. Then turn the letter C into your own cat.

C is for Cat


  • Copy paper and/or construction paper
  • Markers, crayons or paint
  • Scissors and glue
  • Optional: yarn for whiskers, googly eyes, printed C Template


  • Decide whether you want to cut your C out of paper or color it in. This C Template can be printed out as a cutting pattern or to color in.
  • If you cut your C out of paper, glue it to another piece of paper. I used black construction paper and a sheet of copy paper to make the black cat. Cut ears out of the same paper as the C and glue them onto the background paper, tucked behind the top of the C.
  • If you choose to color in your C, draw a large C on a piece of paper or print out the template. The calico cat was made with only the template and crayons.
  • Add eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers.

Things to talk about

  • When your child is ready to write, the letter c is a great one to teach because many other lower-case letters have the same curve within them. Make a C with your left hand and have your child trace it with their fingers as you describe how it curves up a little before curving down and around. Point out other letters that have this stroke in them: a, d, e, (the top of) f, g, o, q and even s.
  • Talk about how the letter c does not make its own sound. It is a “copy cat” that makes either the /k/ sound (as in cat) or the /s/ sound (as in circle). When saying the /k/ sound be sure to just use air instead of saying /kuh/. This will help early readers blend sounds into words. Avoid adding an extra “uh” to the letter sounds of f, h, p, and t as well.

More Fun


Here is a list of books about dogs and cats. Many are available as ebooks.

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