Preschool Storytime: The Wolf’s Chicken Stew

Welcome to preschool storytime with Miss Rhonda and Boomer Bear. Today we are reading The Wolf’s Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza.

Kindergarten Readiness Tip

Nonverbal cues teach us a great deal about a person or character. So it’s important for young children to learn about facial expressions and body language. This will help develop your child’s communication skills as they prepare for kindergarten. Point out facial expressions of characters in the book’s illustrations to add more meaning to the story. If you go back and look at the wolf’s face in today’ story today, your child can see emotions that weren’t explained in the text.

Play a game with your child by giving them different situations and ask them make facial expressions that fit the scene.

Example:  A wheel fell off your favorite truck. Show me how you feel without using words, only use your face.

More Fun

Here is the Finger Play We Did – Five Little Wolf Pups*
Five little wolf pups were playing in the sun.
This one saw a rabbit and he began to run.
This one saw a butterfly and he began to race.
This one saw a cat and he began to chase.
This one tried to catch his tail and went round and round.
This one was so quiet; he never made a sound.
*Credit: Children’s Services at Allentown Public Library

Learn About Wolves

Talk to your child about fiction (made up stories) and nonfiction. In fiction wolves tend to be portrayed as bad guys in stories like Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. However, in The Wolf’s Chicken Stew the wolf is thoughtful and kind.

Check out this video from Animal Book for Kids Read Aloud for some great facts (nonfiction) about real wolves.



Check out for directions to make your own wolf.


If you are getting hungry, try making this fun wolf sandwich from


I am an Outreach Preschool Storyteller at the library. I'm usually out and about, visiting preschools and daycares in our community. It's the perfect job for a retired kindergarten teacher! I know what preschoolers need to be ready for school and I love sharing picture books, rhymes and fun music. It's a win for us both!