Preschool Storytime: The Giant Jumperee

Do you like adventure? Today we are going on an adventure to find out who is the Giant Jumperee. See if you can guess while we read the book The Giant Jumperee by Julia Donaldson.


Parent Tip

Asking preschoolers questions while reading helps them build interest in the story and become stronger readers. One way to do this is to ask them about what will happen next in story. This builds anticipation, allows them to think creatively and adds one more reason to keep turning pages to see what happens. All of this increases their comprehension while helping them be better readers.

More Fun

Here’s a fun way to retell today’s story with your little ones. Make a mama and a baby frog using bigger or smaller plates. Then ask your child to hide the smaller frog and pretend he/she is the Jumpree. With the help of some stuffed animals you can recreate the fun from book

After playtime get some energy out by moving and grooving. Watch the videos below to get started!


Keep moving as you try the Waddlee Atcha.


Hope You enjoyed today’s story and activities with Boomer and Miss Joyce. See you next time!

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Joyce is an Outreach Storyteller who has been telling stories for 20 years. She enjoys sharing the love of reading and starting kids on the path of adventure! When not reading stories you can find Joyce spending time with her family and friends and the family dog Fred! Joyce also likes to go on reading adventures of her own!