Preschool Storytime: The Book No One Ever Read

Hi friends! Thanks for joining me at Storytime with Miss Theresa. Today we are going to read a great book called The Book No One Ever Read by Cornelia Funke. It is about a book who is tired of sitting idly on a shelf, waiting for someone to come along and read his pages.

Parent Tip

There are many games you can play with your child to promote early literacy. I like the game “What Do You Hear.” It’s pretty easy to play. You choose a word and encourage your child to figure out what the beginning sound is, for example you could do this:

You: “The word is ball”

Child: “Ball…B,b,b,b…”B”! It’s the letter “B”!   

You: “That’s right! Ball starts with the letter “B”.

You can play this game anywhere. To mix it up you can have your child choose a word and see if you know what letter it begins with. Either way, your child will be learning their letter sounds.

More Fun

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Listen to this lovely song about books by Todd Knudson


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I have worked with preschool children for more than 30 years, both as a teacher and as an Outreach Storyteller. I like to cook, tend to my vegetable garden, and make jam and pickles in my spare time. I love cats! If you want a great picture book, I'm happy to help you out.