Preschool Storytime: The Black Rabbit

Hi friends! Thanks for joining me, Miss Theresa and Boomer Bear for Storytime. Today’s book, The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers, is about a timid little rabbit. There’s a mystery in this story, see if you can figure it out!

Caregiver Tip

It’s common for preschool children to be fearful of imagined things because they’re developing the ability to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s make believe. They’re also learning they can predict and control what happens in their world. Finding ways to let them be in control such as being shown how to use “Monster Spray” or learning the scientific facts about lightning and thunder can help them overcome their fears.

More Fun

Learn more about shadows with a preschool STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activity.

Have fun moving and singing to the song, Hi Shadow! by Patty Shukla.

Enjoy making art using paper, pencils and shadows!

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I have worked with preschool children for more than 30 years, both as a teacher and as an Outreach Storyteller. I like to cook, tend to my vegetable garden, and make jam and pickles in my spare time. I love cats! If you want a great picture book, I'm happy to help you out.