Preschool Storytime: Ten Terrible Dinosaurs

Hi everyone!  Welcome to storytime with Miss Rhonda. Today we are going to read a fun book about rowdy and rollicking dinosaurs called Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Stickland. 


Parent Tip

Stretching out words to emphasize the syllables is a fun game you can play anytime, anywhere. Start with family names, stretching them out and clapping for each syllable. Kids will have fun seeing whose name has the most claps. Extend the activity to animal names, storybook characters, names of states, the fun never ends and, in the meantime, your child is hearing how words are made up of groups of letters that us grownups call syllables. 

10 Dinosaur Facts


Get your stomping feet ready as we sing and stomp along with Miss Laurie Berkner’s song We Are the Dinosaurs.

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Rhonda Cathey

I am an Outreach Preschool Storyteller at the library. I'm usually out and about, visiting preschools and daycares in our community. It's the perfect job for a retired kindergarten teacher! I know what preschoolers need to be ready for school and I love sharing picture books, rhymes and fun music. It's a win for us both!