Preschool Storytime: SNAP!

What do you do when your crayons break? Let’s find out what Evan does as Katie and Boomer read SNAP! by Hazel Hutchins and Dušan Petričić.

Kindergarten Readiness Tip 

In the video, did you notice how I pointed out parts of our book? An important part of beginning to read is identifying the parts of a book. Front cover, back cover, spine, title and title page. Knowing these parts will help your child know where to start and end a book. 

More Color Fun 

Let’s try some scribble art! This art idea is from the webpage of Fireflies and Mudpies. Any time a writing or coloring utensil is in a child’s hand, it helps to develop their hand for cutting with scissors and future writing. This art project helps build that skill. 

First, have your child scribble on a piece of paper. Then, ask them to color in the shapes they created. When they are finished coloring, use scissors to cut the outline. Finally, glue the art onto a colored piece of paper, cardstock or construction paper would be best.

Scribble Art Project

Another fun coloring art project comes to us from Craft Whack! I did this as a kid, but didn’t fully understand what was happening. First, have your child color in a full sheet of white paper thickly, with any patterns and colors. Then, place the colored sheet upside down on a blank sheet of paper.  Next, start transferring by drawing on the back of the colored in sheet. Finally, pull the sheets apart and see the wonderful picture!

Crayon Transfer

Please enjoy this song from Super Simple Songs on Youtube! This song is one of my favorites with preschoolers because it’s about colors that usually aren’t sung about: pink, purple, orange, and brown.

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I am an outreach storyteller for the library. I worked in preschools before arriving at the library. I love my job and hope to help everyone enjoy reading.