Preschool Storytime: Seymour and Henry

Welcome to Storytime with Miss Joyce and Boomer! Today’s story is Seymour and Henry by Kim Lewis. Seymour and Henry go on an adventure and get farther and farther from Mommy. Oh no, what do they do when it starts to rain and Mommy is nowhere in sight? How do they find her again? Lets read the story and find out!

Parent Tip

It is important to foster preschool children’s independence. Allow them to explore the world around them while keeping a watchful eye on safety. Independence is an essential life skill and it needs to be nurtured from an early age. There are a range of skills in building independence – from helping children to be apart from their families to dressing themselves to encouraging kids to think for themselves. For more information about helping your child gain independence visit

More Fun

Laurie Berkner has a great video about independence: “This is how I do it!!”


Find instructions for this really cute duck craft at  i Heart Crafty Things.


These ducks explore independence while staying close to home!


Let’s watch one more song about being independent!


Hope you  enjoyed storytime with Miss Joyce and Boomer today. See ya next time! Check out the booklist to find great stories about ducks.

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Joyce is an Outreach Storyteller who has been telling stories for 20 years. She enjoys sharing the love of reading and starting kids on the path of adventure! When not reading stories you can find Joyce spending time with her family and friends and the family dog Fred! Joyce also likes to go on reading adventures of her own!