Preschool Storytime: One Red Sock

Welcome to storytime! Today we are going on an adventure to help Hippo find her missing sock. Have you ever lost a sock? Let’s see if Hippo finds her missing sock as we read the book One Red Sock by Jennifer Sattler.

Parent Tip

Learning colors helps children develop descriptive language skills that will help them communicate with others. As they learn colors and shapes kids can classify and sort objects around them. Try this fun easy craft using items easily purchased at the dollar store. Kids who love to categorize and sort items will love making this!

More Fun

Guessing games are a fun way to learn the names of colors. Try playing this game below and see how many colors your child can name.


See if you can do the actions along with The Learning Station as you try this great movement song about colors.

Hope you have enjoyed today’s story and activities – check out the books below to discover more adventures about colors. Boomer and I will see you next time!

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Joyce is an Outreach Storyteller who has been telling stories for 20 years. She enjoys sharing the love of reading and starting kids on the path of adventure! When not reading stories you can find Joyce spending time with her family and friends and the family dog Fred! Joyce also likes to go on reading adventures of her own!