Preschool Storytime: Mouse

Welcome to Storytime! This is a story about a mouse and his new best friend “M.” Do you know why mouse likes M even though he ate mouse’s snack? Let’s find out. 

Parent Teaching Tip 

Did you notice as I read I pointed out the letters and the physical differences between them? I did that because research has shown letter naming and letter writing are learned together and the ability to name letters is important to reading development. I also included several writing and prewriting activities below. 

 More Fun 

This runaway letter game shared at Growing Book by Book is a fun way to work on letter identification and sound.

Alphabet Games: Runaway Letter from

This venn diagram activity is a terrific beginning for talking about the shapes and construction of letters. It also introduces a method to sort out thoughts and make comparisons in a visual way.

learn the alphabet activities for preschoolers

One way to help little hands develop the coordination to write lines and circles is this simple activity from Planning Playtime that is flexible and more fun than a worksheet

Push Pin Maze Pre-Writing Activity for kids.

For older children with more writing experience try this fun “unwriting” game using a dry erase board and Q-tips, or chalk and a wet paintbrush on a chalkboard or the sidewalk. 

Erasing letters with a Q-tip is a simple-to-set-up activity that works on letter recognition, the proper strokes for writing letters, and fine motor skills needed for writing. I love how this activity can be adapted to help kids with any letters of the alphabet they need assistance with. || Gift of Curiosity

Here is the song by Dr. Jean that we sang after the story. Have fun with this new version of the ABC’s.


Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to come to the library and check out these great alphabet books. 

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