Preschool Storytime: Max and the Tag-Along Moon

Welcome to Storytime! Have you ever been outside or riding in the car at night and watched the moon? In Max and the Tag-along Moon by Floyd Cooper the moon helps Max and his grandpa feel close even when they are far away. The moon is the largest object in the night sky. People can see it on clear nights from everywhere in the world. That’s why Max thought of his grandpa and felt loved when the moon came out again from behind the clouds. Maybe grandpa was watching it too.  

Parent Tip 

Did you hear me explain the meaning of the word tag-along? I was modeling how to use clues from the surrounding words to find the meaning of an unfamiliar word. Children who learn how to do this will be less frustrated when they discover a new word and have more fun reading. 

More Fun

Learn about the phases of the moon with a gross motor game! This easy to set up game has a couple simple variations and is easily adaptable for any age.After the story I read a poem about the phases of the moon. I found this poem at Guybrarian.

To continue the learning here is a fun jumping game that uses the moon phases. 

This model craft from Preschool Crafts for Kids does an excellent job of showing preschoolers the science behind the phases of the moon.

I think this is a beautiful button collage moon that is easy to create.

I love music by the Beatles and this is a fun parody of one of their songs for preschoolers. 


Last but not least, don’t forget to check out these moon books at the library for more fun and learning.

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