Preschool Storytime: Little Big

Weclome to preschool storytime with Miss Rhonda and Boomer Bear! Today we are reading Little Big by Jonathan Bentley. A little boy imagines what it would be like to be big, with long legs like a giraffe, big hands like a gorilla, or a big mouth like a crocodile, but realizes that there are advantages to being perfectly little.

Kindergarten Readiness Tip

Understanding the concept of opposites is important to childhood development. This concept helps a child to learn how to compare two different things and to develop a more concrete understanding of a specific idea (e.g. hard vs soft). Adding descriptive words to your child’s vocabulary will greatly transform the level of detail they can convey – “soft bunny,” “big teddy” or “little boy.”

  • Acting Opposites: Ask your child perform actions, and then you do the opposite. For example, if they sit down, you stand up; if they walk forward, you walk backward. Once your child is familiar with the game, trade roles – you perform the action first and your child does the opposite.

More Fun

Here is a fun song about opposites.  See how many you know!



Check out for several fun ideas to play with opposites.

Try foods that reinforce opposites.

Give your child a variety of sweet and sour foods such as lemons/limes, sweet and sour apples, sweet and sour oranges, or a pear and a kiwi. Help them to identify sweet and sour.  You can also try cold and hot – chocolate milk and hot chocolate. Ask them which they like better and why.

For more fun tasting activities, check out

At the library we have many more books about opposites. Here are a few titles you might enjoy!

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I am an Outreach Preschool Storyteller at the library. I'm usually out and about, visiting preschools and daycares in our community. It's the perfect job for a retired kindergarten teacher! I know what preschoolers need to be ready for school and I love sharing picture books, rhymes and fun music. It's a win for us both!