Preschool Storytime: Hippo Must Be Dancing

Welcome to preschool storytime! Join me today for a fun story called Hilda Must Be Dancing by Karma Wilson about a Hippo who loves to dance.

Parent Teaching Tip

In today’s book there were several fun vocabulary words like “croon,”  “wallowed” and “bliss.” You can expand your child’s vocabulary by pointing out and talking about new words you run across while reading. Encourage your children to use the new words throughout the day.  

Let’s Make Some Maracas like Hilda!  

These maracas are made from plastic bottles.


If you don’t have any plastic bottles, you can make mascaras with a paper plate.


Now that you have made your maracas, here is some fun music to dance to!


You can learn more about hippos by watching this video.

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Rhonda Cathey

I am an Outreach Preschool Storyteller at the library. I'm usually out and about, visiting preschools and daycares in our community. It's the perfect job for a retired kindergarten teacher! I know what preschoolers need to be ready for school and I love sharing picture books, rhymes and fun music. It's a win for us both!