Preschool Storytime: Harold Loves His Woolly Hat

Welcome to Storytime! Do you have a favorite hat you like to wear? The bear in this story doesI hope you enjoy listening to Harold Loves His Woolly Hat by Vern Kousky 

Parent Tip

Did you notice that I introduced the sound of the letter h and pointed out the letter when we came to it in the words on the page. We found the letter H a lot in this story, it was for Harold, hat, helpful and honey. I was using the alphabetic principle, the understanding that the sounds we speak are related to the letters on the page. A child who understands that sounds and the printed letters on the page are connected has mastered an important reading skill. Play lots of alphabet and sound games as you read with your child and they will have a great head start on learning to read for themselves.

Fun With Hats

letter sound hatsHarold had a hat that he loved, it made him feel special. Here are some directions for making special hats for your stuffed animals or dolls. Don’t forget to use a letter for the beginning of their name or the first letter in a word that stands for something special about them. 

Penguins live on Antarctica where it is very cold. Do you think they would like some hats? Here is a link to print pictures you can cut out and then match the hat to the penguin with the same color scarf.  

Paper Towel Tube Letter MatchingHere is a simple letter matching game you can make and play in so many ways. Use stickers to cover up letters you see as you’re reading a story, or on signs as you’re riding in the car. Find picture stickers and put them on the letter they begin with. Or find alphabet stickers and match lower- and upper-case letters like they did. To make it easy to remove and reuse the stickers I covered my alphabet tube with clear contact paper. 

I hope you have fun dancing to I Got a Hat by The Learning Station. 


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