Preschool Storytime: Groovy Joe Ice Cream & Dinosaurs

In celebration of Kansas Reads to Preschoolers, Miss Dawn is reading a fun and popular story to get your kids up and moving – Groovy Joe Ice Cream & Dinosaurs by Eric LitwinIf you have this book, go get it now so you can read along with Dawn. If you don’t have this book, stop by the library this week and pick up a free copy for your home library from the Customer Service Desk or Curbside Pickup.  

Parent Tip 

Did you notice that I pointed out and read the sign on the truck? Often the first words children recognize are words they see every day in the logos and signs around us. They learn that these letters and words hold meaning. Take time to point out and read the words on signs and labels your children see often. 

 You can add to the fun by making these easy puzzles from empty grocery boxes.

More Fun

Groovy Joe’s ice cream must have been delicious, they ate it all. You might want to try making some ice cream yourself using this fun recipe for kids from Leigh Anne Wilkes. 

Making Ice Cream in a Bag


The best part about having ice cream is sharing it. Here is a painting craft all about being a good friend and ice cream of course.  

learn about what it takes to be a good friend with these friendship vocabulary words. This water color resist activity magically reveals the friendship words as you talk about what it takes to be a good friend.


Now learn and do the Groovy Dance with Eric Litwin!  


These books are full of all kinds of tasty treats

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Dawn's favorite thing about being an outreach storyteller is getting young children excited about reading & learning! When she isn't out telling stories or helping you find just the right book at the library, she is reading or using what she's read to enjoy her hobbies. You may see her out with her camera taking pictures or walking her dog Honey. She also loves cooking with the fresh herbs in her garden.