Preschool Storytime: Groovy Joe Dance Party Countdown

Are you ready for a party? Join in with Katie and Boomer as they read Groovy Joe: Dance Party Count Down by Eric Litwin. 

Kindergarten Readiness Tip 

Free play is a brain booster for children. When you let them dance, sing and move you are helping them build their personality, while also building their vocabulary, performance skills and self-esteem. When kids are playing, whether on their own or with friends, they are building problem solving skills. 

 More Counting Fun 

If you need ideas on how to get children counting and learning to recognize numbers, here’s a number game by Fun Learning for Kids! Have them use the flyswatter to find the number they rolled on the dice. If you don’t have a flyswatter, you can use just about anything from around the house to have them point.

Smack the Number Counting Game

If the children in your care like puzzles, try these number puzzles from This Reading Mama to increase their understanding of numbers. There’s a mat with only the number on it and colorful puzzle pieces that show different ways to show the number.

Enjoy these counting songs from Super Simple Songs on YouTube. There is 30 minutes of songs on this video! Each song may have their own numbers to count. Counting may be forward and/or backward and with different objects or animals.


Books with Number Fun

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I am an outreach storyteller for the library. I worked in preschools before arriving at the library. I love my job and hope to help everyone enjoy reading.