Preschool Storytime: Go Sleep in Your Own Bed

Welcome to Storytime! We’re reading the book Go Sleep in Your Own Bed by Candance Fleming and Lori Nichols. Oh my, this is a funny story about bedtime on the farm. Let’s see if the animals end up in the right bed!

Parent Tip

Go Sleep in Your Own Bed is full of great vocabulary. The pig  waddley-jogs to his sty, the cow clompety-stomps away etc.  Helping children learn new words is an excellent way to prepare them for kindergarten learning. One of the best activities  to do this is reading books. Reading to your child helps them learn about new words, ideas and activities as they talk about the pictures and ask questions about story.

As children relate to the story, they may make up their own version of the story. Help them notice what is in a book. Ask them questions and allow them to predict what may happen next. Singing, chanting and storytelling are all important and fun ways to learn and prepare for school.

More Fun

You can make this cool night light using items from dollar store!

Tutorial: Starry Night Light


You can also make the bears in the bed that we used in storytime by visiting Making Learning Fun.

This is the way we get ready for bed.


Or maybe this way.


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Hope you enjoyed todays storytime fun. See you next time.

Joyce is an Outreach Storyteller who has been telling stories for 20 years. She enjoys sharing the love of reading and starting kids on the path of adventure! When not reading stories you can find Joyce spending time with her family and friends and the family dog Fred! Joyce also likes to go on reading adventures of her own!