Preschool Storytime: From Wax to Crayons

Want to know how crayons are made? Katie and Boomer read From Wax to Crayons by Robin Nelson to find out.

Kindergarten Readiness Tip

Reading nonfiction books is important to a child’s development. It can help teach kids the difference between fact and fiction. Nonfiction books also give kids knowledge about how things work. We have nonfiction kids books on so many topics! Check out one or more on whatever topic your child is interested in this week.

More Crayon Fun

This video from Crayola’s YouTube page, gives us a bit of information about the Crayola factory and how those crayons are made!


Crayon Playdough recipeI am very much a proponent of children playing with playdough. Though playdough can be messy, it’s a great learning tool for kids. Some of these benefits are: developing fine motor skills, enhancing hand-eye coordination, increasing hand strength, encouraging creativity and imagination, and problem solving. You can make playdough at home with a few ingredients. The OT Toolbox’s playdough recipe adds in crayons! This recipe also has a link to make the playdough into floam.

Upcycled CrayonsI also care about making crayons last, upcycling and recycling. In this Hands On As We Grow post, we learn how to upcycle old, broken crayons. Take the broken crayons, add them to a muffin tin, put them in the oven, and have new swirled crayons! Those are the basic instructions, but the post gives you cooking times and temperatures.

What is your favorite color?  Enjoy this Super Simple Songs song about favorite colors!

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I am an outreach storyteller for the library. I worked in preschools before arriving at the library. I love my job and hope to help everyone enjoy reading.