Preschool Storytime: Edie Is Ever So Helpful!

Welcome to Storytime! Today’s story is about a little girl who loves to help her family, sometimes too much. What do you do to help around the house?  

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Parent Teaching Tip 

Children who do chores at home develop higher self-esteem, are more responsible, learn how to handle frustration and to delay gratification. All these skills will help them as a student as well as preparing them for when they are on their own. 

More Fun  

Chore charts are a great way to help develop independence and take some of the stress out of chore time. I love the paint chip chart because it breaks down each chore into easy steps.     

                                                     Chore Chart Paint Chips. Kids can sometime get overwhelmed by the tast of chores such as cleaning their room. Breaking down big chores into easier steps for kids.


Chores are always more fun with music! Here’s a song about helping around the house. It includes sign language for the different chores.  


This chart made with foam core hangs on a bedroom door and makes it easy to keep track of what needs to be done and your accomplishments. Decorate the hanger with stickers, paint and your  name. Label one side “To Do” and the other side “Done.” Write chores on one side of a wooden clothespin with a sharpie and the word done on the opposite side. You can add a small picture or a sticker, or color code the chores as well.

Edie had lots of pom poms. They can be a lot of fun, if you aren’t gluing them to your Dad’s shoes like she did. Try making these cute flower picture frames using craft sticks, cardboard and pom poms.

Flower Craft For Mother's Day

This slime recipe has a lot of color and an interesting texture. It is not edible so supervision is important.

pom pom slime

Chores can be good exercise and a way to get your body moving. This is a great action song for anytime you need to get up and move. 


Here are some other books with characters who also like to help. 

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Dawn's favorite thing about being an outreach storyteller is getting young children excited about reading & learning! When she isn't out telling stories or helping you find just the right book at the library, she is reading or using what she's read to enjoy her hobbies. You may see her out with her camera taking pictures or walking her dog Honey. She also loves cooking with the fresh herbs in her garden.