Preschool Storytime: A Trapezoid is NOT a Dinosaur

Welcome to Storytime! Is a shape a dinosaur? Let’s find out as Katie and Boomer read A Trapezoid is NOT a Dinosaur by Suzanne Morris.


Kindergarten Readiness Tip

Puzzles are important for early reading and writing skills. Moving pieces around helps kids build the muscles in their hands that are used for writing. In addition to fine motor skills, working with puzzles helps problem solving skills, especially when the pieces aren’t going in right.

The puzzles used in the storytime video can be found at Fantastic Learning and Fun.

More Shape and Puzzle Fun

Do your children know all of their 2-dimensional shapes? If so, they may be ready to move on the 3-dimensional shapes. Try these printable puzzles found at From ABCs to ACTs.

3D Shape Puzzles

Tangrams, or pattern blocks, are a great way to learn shapes and to make your own pictures, just as the shapes did in our book. Print your own set of blocks and mats from File Folder Fun! Use the mats or make your own shapes and puzzles from the blocks.

Tangram Pieces and Mats

Both of the songs below are from Super Simple Songs on YouTube. The first video helps teach the shapes of a circle, diamond, square and heart. The second video has the shapes triangle, rectangle, oval and star. These videos also give kids the opportunity to find these shapes, which helps with recognition. Super Simple Songs is one of my favorite preschool YouTube channels!



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I am an outreach storyteller for the library. I worked in preschools before arriving at the library. I love my job and hope to help everyone enjoy reading.