Week 9 Fantasy Football Update From “The Freak”

HI Folks!


Here are a few emails I received this week. Jim checks in:

“Had a good week, finished in 2nd this week in my 32 team league.

Do you think Doug Martin would be a good play going against Oakland?

WR/TE-  Owen Daniels  (HOU) or Randall Cobb (GB)

DEF  – Chicago or San Diego

What do you know about Shorts from (Jacksonville?)


“Martin’s been a great rookie back, knocking down 110 combined yards per game and has scored three touchdowns in his last two games. He’ll face Oakland’s 11th ranked run defense allowing 102 yards per game, but has allowed 18.4 fantasy points per game to opposing running backs. I figure Freeman and the Tampa passing game should have success early with the Raiders, which should equate to Martin getting his points along the way and perhaps some mop-up yardage late to run out the clock. I think Martin should be a solid start versus the Raiders.

Daniels has scored four touchdowns in his last five games. Although this week’s opponent (Buffalo) has been surprisingly solid versus the tight end position, I still like Daniels right now.

Although Randall Cobb has performed well of late, he’ll have a tough matchup against the Cardinals. I think Cobb is still a decent start this week, I think Owens will out-perform him.

I’d take the Chargers defense over the Chiefs offense any day of the week.

I just acquired Shorts this week myself. Though his next three games are against tough passing defenses (Detroit, Indianapolis and Houston) Weeks 12,13,15 and 16 are against very poor pass defenses with only tough start (from a statistical standpoint) will be with the Jets in Week 15. I consider him a grab-and-stash guy. If you’ve got room on your roster, grab him for your bench and keep an eye on him.


JL wants to know:

QB- Freeman or Newton. I’m thinking Freeman. He’s been HOT the last 3
weeks. Flex and WR2. Pick 2 out of these 3. James Jones, Steve
Smith(Car) and Broyles (Det.). I’m Thinking Jones and Smith. Give me
your thinking. Thanks. I’ve won the last 2 weeks.

I’d have to prefer Freeman over Newton. You said it, Freeman’s been hot, while Newton: not so much.

I’d have to recommend Jones and Smith over Broyles. I think one has to take a wait and see approach with Broyles. Still, one might consider investing in Broyles for future games.




I must share a quick story. Here in our library league, I did something incredibly stupid a few weeks ago. Now, anyone who knows me would not be surprised by that. Anyway, I have both Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger on my team, and Brees was headed into his bye. Well, I spaced it completely, and didn’t notice that Brees was still in my lineup until I started watching the Steelers on the Thursday night game. By then it was too late, as Big Ben was already in the game, so I couldn’t substitute Brees. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the following week that I had not only won my game, but lead the league in scoring that week…ALL without a quarterback! Hey, sometimes I’d rather be lucky than good…

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