Live Sports Close to Home

With the new school year comes a new year of our favorite fall sports. You don’t need to go too far to enjoy great football games, volleyball tournaments or soccer matches. High school sports are an inexpensive way to spend an evening with family or friends. Everyone’s schedule is underway, just click on the sport to see when they play next.

Shawnee County High School Fall Sport Schedule:

Hayden: football, volleyball, soccer

Highland Park: football, volleyball, soccer

Rossville: football, volleyball

Seaman: football, volleyball, cross-country

Shawnee Heights: football, volleyball, soccer, cross-country

Silver Lake: football, volleyball, cross-country

Topeka High: football, volleyball, soccer, cross-country

Topeka West: football, volleyball, soccer, cross-country

Washburn Rural: football, volleyball, soccer, cross-country

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