No more Royals baseball, no problem

Image result for google image royals 2015Sadly, it’s October. And for Royals baseball fans, it’s a different kind of “Blue” October. The incredible rush of the past two seasons is just not there this year. Those exciting mad dashes to home plate, the impossible late inning rallies … won’t be a part of this month. I’ll never forget the past two seasons, so it’s sad that we won’t see scenes like this for a third year in a row.

So what should a local sports fan do for the next 160 days until it’s time for the 2017 opening day of baseball season? Some of you might watch football (pro, college or high school). College basketball starts soon. The NBA and NHL have started their preseason schedule already. And there are lots of youth sports leagues to play in (if you’re a youth) and to root for if you’re a parent.

Image result for google image royals 2015Those are all fine ideas. But if those don’t work for you, here are some other ideas to help you survive until it’s Royals baseball time again! I will call it survival 101:

  • Pick another team and root for them, or just watch it for fun. The World Series, after all, is a true American tradition (and we have a great DVD about it!).
  • Enjoy the autumn before winter gets here. October is one of the prettiest and nicest months we have in the Midwest.
  • Save some money! Games can be pricey, especially if you are traveling to see them, taking vacation days, etc. An average ticket for last year’s World Series games in Kansas City was $620.00!
  • Stay healthy! Think about how much healthier you will be, since you won’t be going to all those watch parties every night with all that tempting high-calorie food. A typical tail gate meal has about 2,000 calories (5oo more calories if you include that 9 layer cheese dip).
  • Sleep well. No more past-midnight bed times so you will get a better night’s sleep.
  • Catch up on project. I actually read that someone is planning to finish her nursing degree! She said she was so wrapped up in the games that she skipped too many classes last year. Yikes!
  • Relive last year’s World Series. The Library has the DVDs of quite a few World Series games.

One last thing to say. Sure, last year was great fun. Those who were there or sat through a month of drama on television will never forget last year’s World Series. It was a magical run that may not happen again. But then again, you never know. Wait until next year – and to quote the old proverb, “Hope springs eternal.” Besides, any sport that can inspire a quote from Alexander Pope and Leo Durocher is worth loving!

Dave Coleman works in the library's Red Carpet Services helping seniors get the materials they want at the library and at senior living complexes. Dave is also an avid sports fan.

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