Library Fantasy Football Results

This fall the library had its first ever fantasy football league. We had eight owners who participated in a fourteen week season and a two week playoff.  In the end, the Gangsters took home the hardware, but fun was had by all. Here are the results of the 2011 season:

  1. Amish Fight Club  12-2
  2. BDA’s Posse         10-4
  3. Gangsters             10-4
  4. Warriors                 7-7
  5. Pigskinners            7-7
  6. Mark’s Maulers      5-9
  7. Cowboys               4-10
  8. Evening Shade     1-13

Playoffs – 1st Round

Warriors – 88

Amish Fight Club – 86


Gangsters – 146

BDA’s Posse – 103



Warriors –  86

Gangsters – 100


Thanks to all the owners who participated and made this a fun fantasy football season. We plan on having a league again in the fall of 2012, so stay tuned to the sports blog for more information on that down the line!


I'm the Red Carpet Librarian and work to bring lifelong support services to the Topeka and Shawnee County area through outreach and programming. I also am a sports enthusiast, work closely with the library's sports collection, and provide programming to engage the community's sports fans.