Greetings Fellow Fantasy Football Freaks!

Hi everyone!  Terry “The Freak” Blount writing at you again. This week I plan on mixing things up a bit. I’m going to vent on a few football topics that have been on my mind. Hang on; let’s take a look!


Our beloved NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has expressed more than a mild interest in establishing NFL franchises in Europe. Sounds like a neat idea, until one looks at a few facts:

The second largest television market in the U.S. (Los Angeles) still doesn’t have a team. Perhaps Mr. Goodell should address this ‘little’ issue first.

If teams have to travel to Europe every year, their expenses (transportation, lodging, etc.) will go up a great deal. Hey Roge, who will have to pay for these increases? That’s right; the FANS will fund such a luxurious idea, paid for through increased chargers for tickets and parking.

Don’t get me wrong; I think Goodell has been a solid commissioner, but this is just plain stupidity. I hope the NFL reconsiders such a foolish idea and stay loyal to its primary customer: the AMERICAN NFL fan.


Ok, we’ve all seen him play, and Tim Tebow is not, at least at this moment, an NFL-caliber quarterback. Gee, I wonder if those thousands of wanna-be Broncos coaches (fans) who rented billboards, held their breath until their collective  faces turned blue and generally performed the biggest mass hissy-fit known to man are finally ready to admit that they’re wrong. You know, I almost hope Tebow can turn things around just to silence his current critics, but the Chiefs fan in me has a hard time shedding a tear for anyone wearing a helmet with a cartoon horsey on the side. The moral of this story: don’t let your fan base run your team. One would think a guy such as John Elway would know that. Go figure.


Have you noticed anything different about the 2011 Detroit Lions? Now, I’m not referencing their surprising 6-2 start, but the fact that they are now looking more and more like the New York Jets: a swaggering, braggart group of poor sports that haven’t won anything that would give them bragging rights. Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, a great specimen of a player and a likely all-pro has been tied to controversy since entering the NFL in 2010. But every time he commits a penalty for slamming a quarterback to the ground he responds with a tired “who, ME?” exclamation. But for me, the last straw was when several Lions players disrespected Tim Tebow when they sacked him, kneeling in mock prayer. Some players were verbally insulting in the press about Tebow as well. All of this from a team that has not only never won a Super Bowl, they have never BEEN to one. This is a franchise that all of a sudden is about as arrogant as, well…the JETS! Yeah, I said it (or wrote it)! Hey Lions, maybe you haven’t won a trophy yet because you don’t have enough class. Just a thought.


A fumbled snap. Something as simple as a fumbled snap snatched a victory from the San Diego Chargers during the Monday Night showdown in Arrowhead Stadium. Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers might play another ten years and not lose another center-to-quarterback exchange, but he’ll always remember literally dropping the ball versus KC on Halloween. Hey, every Chiefs fan I’ve spoken to this week has called this and “ugly” win, but I find that much preferable than a beautiful defeat. And to top things off, a team that started 0-3 is now tied for the division lead. Hey, I’m far from saving money for playoff tickets right now, but I love the sudden resurgence in KC. Keep it up guys; you’re looking great!

Well, there you have it!  A few fantasy tidbits, courtesy of the Freak!  Write to me with YOUR fantasy questions at .  Thanks!


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