Fantasy Football Update from “The Freak”

Am I the only one that would like to punch Jay Cutler right in the face? If I’ve met a ruder person, he was driving a cab in New York.

It appears the widely predicted death of Michael Turner’s fantasy significance seem a bit premature. During the preseason, many fantasy pundits practically insisted that Jacquizz Rodgers was more suited for the Falcons up-tempo attack than Turner.  Evan as recently as last Sunday, ESPN’s Matthew Berry repeated the mantra: Rodgers will replace Turner.  Well, it looks like Turner didn’t get the memo. He has scored a touchdown in each of his last three games and has garnered 252 combined yards over his two contests. Granted, I normally wouldn’t have to tell you to start the 15th ranked running back in the game, but many owners might take pause because Turner will face Washington’s tenth ranked run defense that has allowed a miniscule 89 rushing yards per game.  Don’t worry, as Washington’s pass defense is so bad that no one is really bothering to run against them. Turner will be the hottest back Washington has faced all year.  Sure, it’s a given that the Atlanta passing attack will be in full attack mode this Sunday, but Turner should get his points as well.  Play Turner with confidence.

Jersey Shore: the Final Season.   Hey, MTV; Promise?

On Monday Night Football, I saw Tony Romo doing a spot-on impression of Matt Cassel.

Speaking of which, only Cassel can make one pine for the good old days of Elvis Grbac.

One last word on Cassel: the Monday Night Crew stated that Tony Romo is the only active quarterback that has thrown five interceptions in two different games. Well, as least Cassel has something to shoot far.

Ok, I lied…MORE Cassel stuff.  I hate bashing the guy, but his performances have really hurt this team.  But, one thing that has hurt Cassel and the offense is the fact that the Chiefs defense has allowed 136 points on the young season, which is the second most points allowed in the NFL.  Because they constantly are playing from behind and being forced to throw the ball, the Chiefs offense has not been able to do what they do best: run the football.  Sure, running back Jamaal Charles has played well, but it hasn’t been enough. Cassel’s biggest role should be that of game manager; simply handing off to number 25. Don’t get me wrong, please count me among those who certainly want Cassel playing somewhere else in 2013, but this disaster has been larger than just an inaccurate quarterback. There are plenty of other failures on this team.

While I’m at it, I want to also scold the Chiefs front office.  The fact that KC is millions of dollars over the salary cap really stings in the face of the 1-3 start.  Many people (self included) rejoiced when Scott Pioli replaced Carl Peterson as the club’s GM.  Unfortunately, I can’t see much difference in the performances of Peterson and Pioli.  If this is the ‘Patriots Way’, they must be referring to the Patriots from the 80’s, which resembled the Chiefs teams of the 80’s most of the time. The sad thing is many observers feel that Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is doing his best Nero impression; playing his fiddle while Arrowhead (figuratively) burns in the background. It seems that, as long as the Chiefs are making money, Hunt seems detached from the 2012 degradation of the team. Look at it like this; most fans outside of Dallas don’t care for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, but a man like Jones would not sit patiently if his club had fallen to the same level as the Chiefs.  Heads would roll, in and out of the locker room. There is one way the Chiefs fans can fight back: QUIT BUYING TICKETS.  Pretty simple… His Clark where he lives: in his wallet.

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Update from “The Freak”

  1. Was it just me, or did KC seem as though they were going to be really good this season? I have been a lifelong KC fan and don’t mind ripping on Cassel at all. I completely believe that is we had a great QB, we would crush everyone. A good leading QB does more than not throw interceptions. He inspires his team… I really wish Manning would have came here instead.

  2. HI! I agree; I certainly hoped for better going into the season, but Cassel had me worried. I think we should have offered Peyton a truckload of money, but I’m not sure it would have got him here anyway. I certainly hope we can draft a franchise guy next spring, and the way we’re going. we might get a shot.


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