Fantasy Football Update From Terry “The Freak” Blount


This week I have put together a few letters and my replies.  Take a look!


First, Mike asks:


Hey man. Big win for me last week- thank you Beanie, Brady, and Welker-, but the rest of the league didn’t cooperate. So I need to win by 32 points and also hope another guy in my league loses as well so I can slip into 6th place and grab the last playoff spot.

My roster is set at each spot except my flex (RB/WR). My opinion is that I have to try to hit a home run at each spot in my lineup, even if it means I swing and miss. 32 points is a lot to overcome. So here’s what I’ve got:

QB T. Brady

RB A. Foster

RB B. Wells

RB/WR ________

WR W. Welker

WR J. Nelson

TE K. Winslow

D/ST Bears

K D. Akers

My current bench options are:

Torrey Smith

Santonio Holmes

James Starks

Ben Tate

Montario Hardesty

Kendall Hunter

So my question is this. If I need to hit a home run- ignoring downside- who would you go with? And is there any potential waiver wire pickup that could go huge for me ala Kevin Smith two weeks ago? Our waiver wire is pretty thin… Marion Barber, Pierre Thomas, Jason Avant, Lance Moore, Johnny Knox, James Jones, etc…

Thanks buddy. Hopefully I’ll have another question for you next week- meaning I’ll be in the playoffs.”


I reply:

“Torrey Smith: After a monster Week 11 (6-165- 1 TD), Smith fell way off in Week 12 (2-23 – no TDs).  The Ravens will face an NFL-best Cleveland pass defense that has allowed a miniscule 175 passing yards per game.

Santonio Holmes:  Facing a Washington team ranked tenth versus the pass (213 passing yards per game).  Not a bad WR3. Sharing the targets almost equally with Keller and Burress.

James Starks:  Decent matchup versus the Giants, but he has only one touchdown on the campaign and no 100-yard rushing games.

Ben Tate: After nice outings in Weeks 9 and 10, Tate fell off after the Week 11 bye for a lackluster 26 rushing yards in Week 12.  I think his numbers took a hit because the Leinart injury kind of threw the Texans out of their game plan.  I love the Texans running game, as it reminds me of Carolina two years ago when DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart was the best running back committee in the league.  But, I digress.  Tate has a bad matchup versus Atlanta’s second-ranked run defense allowing a mere 84 rushing yards per game.  I like Tate, but not this week.

Montario Hardesty: Cleveland thought he would be back in Week 12, but his calf locked up in pregame warm-ups. Plus, Peyton Hillis is back.

Kendall Hunter: I thought about writing about Hunter for the paper this week, but his numbers just didn’t justify much of a mention. Sure, Gore’s been banged up, but Hunter hasn’t really racked up any significant numbers.  NOTE: Hunter could make for a spot-start if the 49ers bench Gore in Week 16-17 to rest him for the playoffs.

I rank ‘em:

  1. T. Smith – hate the matchup, but like the player
  2. Holmes
  3. Tate
  4. Starks
  5. Hunter
  6. Hardesty



Jim asks the musical question:


Need RB:  must decide between Rice or Green-Ellis Ben-Jarvis (the lawyer)

Need D  :  must decide between 49ers or Baltimore”


I replied:

“Hi Jim!

Rice has a GREAT matchup versus Cleveland’s 29th ranked run defense (139 yards per game). BJGE also has an awesome matchup, but the Pats will always throw first, where the Ravens will likely run constantly this Sunday.  Go with Rice.

Defensively, I would go with SF.  Both defenses have solid matchups, but the ‘niners have a home game and that’s always big,



Finally, JL: wants to know:

“I’ve got 3 QB’s. Rivers, Fitzpatrick and Moore. Pick 1 for this week. Also at the flex spot pick 1 from Mathews, D. Williams(Tenn), J. Knox. I like Mathews at flex. At QB it’s a crap shoot. I’m thinking Fitz or Moore. Give me your thoughts. I’m in 2nd place in my league. With a win this week could go to 1st.”


My advice was:

“Hi JL!


Moore faces a below average Raiders pass defense. He has seven TD passes in his last four games.

Fitzpatrick and the Bills face the 13th ranked Titans pass defense. He has at least two TD passes in six games this season.

Rivers will face a Jacksonville defense on the road ranked fourth versus the pass. This guy was once a premier fantasy QB, but now I’m scared of him.  If your league subtracts points for turnovers, then I would stay away from Rivers, who has thrown multiple interceptions in seven games this season.

I rank ’em:

1. Fitz

2. Moore

3. Rivers

At flex, I like Mathews as well.



Well, there you have it!  If YOU have a fantasy question, PLEASE contact me at .  Drop me a line!



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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Update From Terry “The Freak” Blount

  1. Terry,

    Semi finals…I need advice…Fitzpatrick QB or Yates QB; Cincy D or Indy D and finally my mess at Running Back Bradshaw, Mendenhall or Barber. Ya I know….not good. Need two. Jacobs and Gerhart are available. Thanks. Good luck to you in your playoffs.

  2. HI Rick!
    Fitz: Solid matchup vs Miami, but the ‘fins did hold him to 209 yards, no TDs and 2 INTs in Week 11. Struggles last week vs San Diego, but played well in Weeks 11-13.
    Yates: We all loved what we saw from this guy last week (300 yds and 2 TDs vs. a pretty good Cincy defense). Will face a surprisingly decent St. Louis pass defense. Plus, the Rams run defense is worst in the league, so expect big games from Foster and Tate, which would likely mean fewer passing attempts. But also, he’s still an unknown. You’re playing for a title here. Don’t risk it on a rookie. I like Fitz over Yates.

    Cincy D over Indy, most definitely.
    Man, I’m with you. I hate Mendy’s matchup. Still, I’m not high on Barber, as I think he’s one more fumble or bad play from being benched. With AD coming back, then Gerhart probably isn’t a good option. I like Jacobs a bit, as I think he’ll steal goal line carries from Bradshaw.
    Even though it’s a crappy matchup, I still like Mendenhall as your safest option. Jacobs did nothing against Washington in Week 1 (29 yards). Risky to go with Barber as well. I think you have to go with Mendenhall.


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