English Premier League

If you weuk-soccer-ball-england-british-illustration-87330080re to ask soccer fans around the world what the best league in the world is the majority would probably say the English Premier League (EPL). They routinely get the top talent from all corners of the globe. The games are physical and exciting to watch. They are insanely popular throughout the world. The Premier League is the most watched league on the planet. The games are broadcast to about 640 million homes in 212 territories around the world. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to see kids from Asia to South America wearing Manchester United jerseys.

The original English football league was founded in 1888. At that time twelve clubs battled it out for the championship. This league lasted 104 years until the current version of the English Premier League was formed in 1992. There are currently twenty teams in the Premier League. They play from August to May, with each team playing the others twice in a season. At the end of the season the bottom three teams get relegated to a lower division and the top three teams get to play in a European club competition called the Champions League.

The 2014-2015 season will start on Saturday August 16. Last year’s champion Manchester City will be looking to repeat, but Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United will be right on their heels. It will be the start of a long and exciting season.

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