Cubs Make it to the Series

George Will said in a recent column: “Ethicists say losing builds character. Cubs fans, who are mostly scar tissue, say they already have quite enough character, thank you.”

The wait is over! The Chicago Cubs are in the World Series, their first appearance since 1945 – a 71 year stretch. Only 9 percent of Americans are old enough to have experienced a Cubs World Series appearance.

Over the decades, the Cubs had become the lovable losers of Major League Baseball. Media exposure with the advent of cable TV Superstations like WGN and WTBS in the 1980s brought in many new fans on the national level for the Cubs and the Atlanta Braves. The Braves rocked in the 1990’s. Maybe it’s the Cubs’ turn to be a decade-long powerhouse in the National League. George Will won’t mind.

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Chronicling a century of highs and lows at Wrigley Field, George Will explores the home of the hapless Chicago Cubs in relation to his upbringing, the growth of Chicago, the history of baseball, and the nature of sports fandom. 2014


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