College Hoops in Topeka

Basketball - Girls - small picAs we begin the countdown to Christmas, in the sports world that means the basketball season is now in full swing, and shortly all of our favorite teams will begin conference play. And while many of us have our favorite college hoops teams we follow, it’s not always so easy, convenient, or affordable to see them play in person.

Luckily, here in Topeka we have Washburn University which churns out quality men’s and women’s basketball teams on a yearly basis. If you’re searching for something to do this winter and want to take in a live basketball game, I would definitely recommend taking in a game at Lee Arena to see one of our local college teams play. You won’t be disappointed.

Here are the links to their 2015-16 schedules:

Washburn Men’s Basketball Team

Washburn Women’s Basketball Team

And did you know that the library is the home of the Topeka and Shawnee County Sports Hall of Fame?  Check it out the next time you visit the library back in the Sports Neighborhood which is in our West Wing. You’ll see local artifacts as well as all the members of the Hall, including several Washburn basketball players such as Shelley Foster-Duffey, Brenda Shaffer-Dahl, and Tom Meier.

Nate is a former employee that worked in the Red Carpet area. He wrote many senior services and sports related posts for the library.