Chief Potential

It’s football season again, and the local college teams are all looking good so far, with returning talent and potential talent they didn’t have last year. That includes K-State, who doesn’t look too bad even after losing starters from one of their most successful teams ever a year ago.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the biggest unknown, however, after going 2-14 last year. They do have six pro-bowlers returning though, and they’ve added some strong talent through free agency and the draft. They look much better at quarterback, and generally at most positions, and also now have a new, established, and successful veteran coach, staff, GM, and philosophy. In the first two weeks of the season they’ve already equaled last year’s win total!

While the Chief’s victory over the hapless and little-improved Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14 last year also) in their first game on September 8 is not any complete indication of the rest of the year, they did dominate them in an expected way, 28 to 2, as the projected superior and even potential playoff team. And that was also the first time in 20 years that an NFL team had only scored two points in a game. If the game had been close or the Chief’s had lost, we would have had every reason for deep concern already. Their second game the following Sunday was a 17 to 16 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. And this win showed much more of the Chiefs potential against a good team that is expected to challenge for their division and make the playoffs this year.

With only three playoff appearances since 1997, no playoff wins since 1993, and only three playoff wins since 1969–I know, it’s been said before–but there appears to be genuinely solid new hope in Kansas City now. Let’s not hold our collective breath though…and hopefully we won’t be able to anyway for all the cheering!

A very good read about the Chiefs we offer here at the library is: “Warpaths: The Illustrated History of the Kansas City Chiefs” by Alan Hoskins