Are you Ready for Some Basketball??

So, the High School and Middle School seasons are winding down…you might be thinking about YMCA or Sports Zone ball….maybe Washburn Basketball or KU Basketball camp.

With all of March to relax and enjoy the “Madness” that it brings, you’re  going to watch these amazing College Kids and dream big!  Use this month to inspire you to greatness with some books from our wonderful sports collection in the Youth Services area.  We have videos to help you improve your skills like: Driveway Basketball Drills

Ncaa book picWhen you need a break, dive into the history of the NCAA tournament with a book like:  NCAA Basketball Championship.  What better way to show respect for the game you love than to learn the history!

So,  make a “fast break” for the Library, “crossover” to the kids area and we will “assist” you.