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Show Me How

Join Amber and Michael for short, fun and informative videos that explain the ins and outs of using the library.

Recent Videos

How To Reserve a Meeting Room

Show Me How – Reserve a Meeting Room

In this episode Amber and Michael show you how to reserve a meeting room.

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Show Me How – To Use Creativebug

Learn how to use Creativebug – the library’s new online art & design tool.

Show Me How – The Check-In Machine Works

What happens to a book as it goes through the door of mystery? We’ll find out.

Show Me How – To Place a Hold

In this episode Amber shows Michael how to place a hold on an item in the catalog.

Show Me How – To Use the Library Catalog

Michael and Amber give a brief overview of using the library catalog to search for an item.

Show Me How – To Use the Checkout Kiosk

Amber and Michael give an overview of the process of using the kiosk to check out material.

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