Harvesters Meal Programs

Summer Meals

milk carton and appleAt the library
The library partners with Harvesters to provide free lunches to children birth to 18 years of age. From June 3 to August 2, meals are served in David J’s Place at the library from 11:30–12:30pm, Monday-Friday.

On the AdventureMobile
During the summer, the AdventureMobile delivers fun stories and silly critters and a BackSnacks provided by Harvesters. A BackSnack is a backpack full of food to get children through the weekend.

School Year Snack Time!

When kids are hungry, it’s harder to read, learn and get their homework done. That’s why the library serves a snack for kids ages 0-18, every weekday during the school year from 3:30-4:30pm in David J’s Place.

Nutritious food is provided by the Millennium Cafe and the program is funded by Harvesters.