Readapalooza 8: Fortunately, the Milk

Welcome to digital Readapalooza, a storytime for elementary-age kids. I will be reading one of my favorite Neil Gaiman books, Fortunately, the Milk. It’s a ridiculous tale about one dad’s absurd explanations for why he was delayed in bringing home the milk (not the fat-free kind!) for his children’s breakfast cereal. We won’t have time to read the whole story but fortunately, if you enjoy it and want to read the rest, it’s available on Libby and Hoopla. After we read together, check out the links below to learn how milk gets to your table, see how ice cream is made, do a colorful milk experiment, and try a recipe for milk paint that’s good enough to eat. So go ahead! Milk your summer reading for all it’s worth! Most of all, remember to log your time for summer reading in Beanstack!


If you’d like to know more about how milk gets from the farm to your breakfast cereal, check out this video that shows how your milk is produced and cared for as well as the cows that produce it.


If you’d like a longer look at milk’s journey from farm to table, go behind-the-scenes at Kleinpeter Farms Dairy to see a large dairy farm in action.


Sure, I like milk on my breakfast cereal but one of my favorite things about milk is ice cream!  In this video, Scholastic News editors went to Ample Hills Ice Cream Factory to learn how ice cream is made.

For More Fun

When food coloring and dish soap are added to whole milk, strange and wonderful things happen.  Check out this experiment to see the colors swirl and move like magic!

The beauty of  Milk Paint is that it’s thick like finger paints but also works with paint brushes AND it tastes delicious!

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Marlana is a youth services specialist who has worked in the Kids Library for the last 15 years. She enjoys creating and learning with kids of all ages. Her favorite books all have strong heroines, dragons, and magic. When not at the library, you can often find her riding her trusty bicycle, hiking with her dog Lily, playing board games with her family, or reading another great book.