Readapalooza 29: Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! Part 3

Welcome back to digital Readapalooza, our storytime for elementary-age kids. Today, we will read Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! by Stephen Manes. What will Milo’s dad think about the book? Milo is getting closer to perfection. Will he make it?  To find out, sit back, enjoy and remember to log your time for summer reading in Beanstack!

Make a Kazoo

Dr. Silverfish said that Milo showed his will power or as some call it “stick-to-it-iveness” so he could learn something that might seem nearly impossible like becoming a classical kazoo player. If you want to play a kazoo, you can make one with simple items from home.


For More Fun

Milo could only drink weak tea during the last step to becoming perfect. Try making your own sun tea and you can make it as weak or strong as you choose. Enjoy!

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