Readapalooza 26: Spiders

Welcome back to digital Readapalooza. We’ll complete our selection from Guys Read True Stories titled Tarantula Heaven by Sy Montgomery.  Then let’s create some spider art. Don’t forget this counts toward your summer reading goal. Be sure to log your time in Beanstack!

Spider Art

Did you know that tarantulas come in many different colors? They do and that will make our activity even more fun.

tarantulas of many sizes and colors



  • paper
  • school glue
  • water colors or liquid food coloring
  • paint brush
  • salt

salt, water, glue, watercolors, and paper completed spider artwork


Step 1 – Choose a sheet of paper, any color is fine but black or white work well for a nice contrast. Use school glue draw an oval. Then draw (with glue) a slightly pointed oval attached to the bottom of the first oval. Draw eight legs extending from the upper oval two bending upward and two bending backward on each side of the body. Other details can be added as desired but simple is better.

spider outline; glue on paper

Step 2 – Sprinkle a generous amount of salt along all the glue lines you drew. Lift the edges of your paper slightly to move the salt around so all the glue lines are well covered. Then gently shake the extra salt off. Extra salt can be used on another painting if you shake it into a pan or box or you can just shake it into the trash can. Do not try to reuse the excess salt from your design as food.

spider outline of glue on paper with salt sprinkled on it.  salted glue spider outline

Step 3 – Moisten the water colors with water. If you’re using food coloring, dilute the color using a little water in small dishes or trays. Wet your paintbrush thoroughly with your desired color and gently touch it to your salt lines.  You do not need to wait for the glue to dry. The color will spread along the lines. Be sure to re-wet your brush often with color and water to keep the color moving and rinse your brush between colors. Tarantulas come in many colors so don’t limit your self to brown and black.

painting spider outline completed spider artwork

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