Readapalooza 25: Spiders

Welcome back to digital Readapalooza, our storytime for elementary-age kids. Today we’ll begin reading a selection from Guys Read True Stories called Tarantula Heaven by Sy Montgomery. Enjoy the introduction to our story, then make your own model tarantula. Don’t forget this counts toward your time for summer reading. Be sure to log it into Beanstack!

Model Spider

aluminum foil spider craft

Supplies needed: Aluminum foil


Step 1 Tear four strips of foil about as wide as your open hand and the length of the roll of foil. Roll along the long side of the foil so it is about the size of a pencil then squeeze along the the length to tighten. These will be the eight legs.

rolled "spider legs" made from aluminum foil

Step 2 Tear a piece of foil about as wide as a piece of standard paper or slightly bigger. Lightly roll along the short side, about the size of a quarter. This won’t be a tight roll. Fold the roll in half across the short part. It should look like a V. This will be the body.

sheet of aluminum foil  loosely rolled aluminum foil  folded roll of aluminum foil

Step 3 Insert all four leg rolls into the V of the body roll. Squeeze the two parts of the body roll together behind the group of legs to secure them in place. You now have the front section of your spider’s body.

foil "spider body" being wrapped around foil "spider legs"  close-up of foil "spider body"

Step 4 Shape the remaining tails of the body into the back of the spider by folding and squeezing it together until it is the shape you want.

close-up of foil "spider tail"

Step 5 Separate the legs out and bend to make your spider stand. This makes a basic spider. There are lots of details you can add if you want to be extra creative.

completed spider craft  completed spider craft with fangs and antenna

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