Readapalooza 24: Pirates Past Noon

Welcome back to digital Readapalooza and Mary Pope Osborne’s Pirates Past Noon. It’s time to complete the adventure. Then create your own under sea treasure hunt where you might spot some amazing creatures and hopefully a sunken treasure. Don’t forget to log your time for summer reading in Beanstack!

Under Sea Treasure Hunt


  • Ziplock bag (gallon preferred) as a sheet protector 
  • 1 piece of white paper and 1 piece of black or dark paper 
  • Permanent markers (must be permanent, washable will not work on plastic) 
  • Printout of flashlight or long thin triangle of white paper 


Steps 1 & 2 

Put white paper inside ziplock bag folding or cutting off extra to make it fit inside. Next, with the bag zipper along the side, use permanent markers to draw an undersea picture. Don’t forget to include a treasure in your undersea picture. Water based markers will smear if touched so permanent markers must be used.

gallon-size zip bag with white paper inside under the sea drawing on plastic bag

Step 3 & 4 

Once your drawing is complete insert black paper into the ziplock bag. Notice how difficult it is to see the drawing, just like the darkness under water. Next cut out flashlight / triangle light. Color flashlight if desired. 

plastic bag with black paper inside drawn flashlight

Step 5

Insert flashlight into bag in front of black paper. Move light around to make different parts of the picture light up

completed under the sea craft

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