Readapalooza 22: Pirates Past Noon

Welcome back to digital Readapalooza and Mary Pope Osborne’s Pirates Past Noon. Continue with us on our adventure through chapters 3-5. You can add to your pirate gear by creating your very own spy scope and hook hand. Don’t forget to log your time for summer reading in Beanstack!

Make a Hook Hand & Spy Scope

Completed spy scope and hook hand crafts.

Completed spy scope and hook hand crafts.

Supplies needed:

Hook hand:

  • sheet of aluminum foil
  • paper cup
  • pencil

Spy Scope:

  • paper cup
  • cardboard tube from toilet paper or paper towel
  • scissors
  • colored paper, markers, or crayons (optional)

Hook Hand Step 1 & 2

Lightly roll foil into a coil, then squeeze to tighten.

Next, bend coil into a question mark shape.

foil hook

Hook Hand Step 3 & 4

Using a pencil, poke a hole in the center bottom of the cup.

Next, insert the straight part of your foil question mark into the hole. You can wear your hook hand by holding the foil hook inside the cup.

close-up of hole in paper cup, completed hook hand craft

Spy Scope Step 1

Trace around paper tube on bottom of cup and cut hole in bottom of cup.

close-up of paper cup with hole cut out.

Spy Scope Step 2 & 3

Insert tube into hole in bottom of cup. It should be a tight fit.

Tube and cup can be decorated using colored paper, markers or crayons as desired.

Looking through end of tube, pretend you are a pirate searching for land.

completed spy scope craft

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