Readapalooza 13: Rescue on the Oregon Trail

I hope you have been enjoying Ranger in Time: Rescue on the Oregon Trail and that the fate cards have been good to you. You are in for yet another adventure as the Abbott family continues their journey west. Gather your materials, settle in, and don’t forget to log your time for summer reading in Beanstack!

Supplies for Fate Card Game 

  • Oregon Trail Map with Dots – You can print one per family member and compete against each other, or use one for the whole family 
  • Dice – If you don’t have dice, you can make your own 
  • Coin 
  • Pencil 

For the fate card game, you will move along the Oregon Trail via the dots on the map. The fate cards will be read aloud during the reading of the chapters and will require you to roll dice or flip a coin. You will pause the video as you perform the fate cards. Mark where you leave off on the trail after each reading session using a pencil. Save the map to use with every reading over the next few weeks. Good luck! 


Torn Paper Buffalo Craft  

In chapters 5 and 6 the wagon train had to deal with a buffalo stampede, so we are going to make a torn paper buffalo craft. 


  • Glue 
  • Two shades of brown paper, could use a paper bag for one shade 
  • White paper 
  • Buffalo outline printable 
  • Brown marker, crayon or colored pencil 

Kahoot Challenge! 

Test your knowledge of these two chapters by playing a Kahoot game! You are scored by speed and accuracy. Family members can play together by discussing the answers, or each family member could play separately and see who scores the highest. Have fun! 

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Carrie is a Youth Services Specialist who has worked in the Kids Library since 2018. She is also the librarian at Silver Lake Grade School and Silver Lake Junior/Senior High School. Carrie loves reading and recommending children's novels and aspires to write her own one day. When not at the library she loves walking and spending time with her two daughters.