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Women of all ages, income and education levels are invited to enroll in the Women & Money Series to be offered on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30 PM, Sept. 11 through Oct. 30 at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library’s Marvin Auditorium. The series of classes is offered by Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. (HCCI) in partnership with TSCPL. Presentations are designed for all women who want to know how to budget, manage their personal finances well, build assets, and strategically plan ahead to make wise investments and informed decisions about other life choices.

Women enrolling in the series of seven classes may choose to pay the fee that best fits their budget; either $45 or $25. Fees cover the cost of two books and other handouts valued at $65. No one will be turned away if they cannot pay a fee.

The classes are sponsored in part by grants from the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner and The Women’s Fund and by other local sponsors. To enroll contact HCCI at 1-800-383-0217 x 319 or go to

“The economic picture is very different now than it was ten years ago or even five years ago and that’s why these classes are so important and timely for women who are most often paying the bills and making major decisions for the family about monthly finances, insurance, investments and savings,” said Bob Mackey, President and CEO of Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc.

Social Security research shows that the average women will live to age 80 and many will live much longer. This series of classes give women the tools they need right now to make good financial decisions and the skills and confidence to manage their future assets too.

The Women & Money Series was developed by HCCI with recommendations from a planning committee of women. Speakers are professional women who are experts in their fields of finance, education, law and family social services. Topics for the seven classes range from budgeting, banking and credit, to investments and retirement planning. Experts will address social security, investment options, and what to look for when choosing an investment planner, attorney and other professional advisers. One session will focus on wills and on understanding documents that give powers of attorney for financial and healthcare decisions. Attorneys from the Kansas Securities Commissioner’s Office have been invited speak about investing and growing assets and they will talk about the differences between stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment products.

The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library is providing the classes through Interactive Long Distance Learning I-TV to Lawrence and Manhattan.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.

2 thoughts on “Register for the Women & Money Series

  1. Hello Lisa,

    This sounds like a very great class to attend, are handsome Men like ME allowed to attend, if I will be a distraction to the women, let me know if there is another class for men, thanks and enjoy your weekend 😉
    – Daniel.

  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment. Women & Money was developed by women for women, but Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., our partner for this program, does similar classes for the general public. Watch for notices at HCCI will offer a class about investments on Thurs, Nov 1 in the library’s Marvin Auditorium. HCCI has received several requests from men to attend so thanks for adding the suggestion. We’ve passed it on.

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