New & Improved Library Catalog Arrives May 23

The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library is upgrading to a new online catalog that will be available May 23 to make finding library materials easier, faster, and more intuitive for today’s library user. Information on the new catalog upgrade will be updated on the library’s digital branch,

“Libraries are about discovering, connecting, and sharing, and our new catalog reflects that,” said David King, Director of Digital Services. “Some people looking for materials come to the library, or bookmobile to tap into our librarians’ expertise. Many people also access our collection from home or work, looking for information and resources without a librarian guiding them. Upgrading the catalog will support the use and needs of today’s library customer and make their experience as easy and intuitive as possible.”

With the new catalog, customers will be able to:

  • Sign up for Text: another new way to receive library notifications including due date reminders, holds, and fees.
  • Easy find & search: behind the scenes, a smarter search feature provides better results. A sleek, modern interface provides easy ways to narrow or expand your search or browse for related items.
  • Explore and discover: if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, browse the popular titles or click on the most circulated authors, see what new videos are available, and see what is on-order.
  • Keep track: with many different lists, like what you have checked out, what you want to read later, or music or movies you want to enjoy. Next time you can’t remember a title, you can check your lists!
  • Online speed: It’s now even easier to place holds and renew items online!
  • Create: instead of using the library card barcode numbers to log in you can now create a unique username to access your account.
  • New kid’s catalog: a catalog especially designed for kids–it’s OK if Mom & Dad want to use it too.

It is expected to take seven days to migrate information from the old system to the new system (May 17-23) including 280,000 bibliographic, 120,000 patron and 475,000 item records to be transferred. The library’s old catalog will be visible, but not up-to-date. Customers will still be able to check out at the library and on the bookmobiles, but will not be able to place holds on materials.

From May 17 – 23, customers will be able to:

  • check out materials at the library and bookmobiles
  • retain your place in the holds list
  • view the library’s catalog (it just won’t be up-to-date)
  • return materials from the DVD dispenser at the desk
  • get help from librarians finding materials on shelves
  • get help from librarians for questions and information
  • sign up for new library cards

From May 17 – 23, customers will not be able to:

  • place new holds on materials
  • check /log into their library account
  • pay late fees
  • check out movies and games from the DVD dispenser
  • renew items online

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.