Library Time is a love song for libraries.


Oct. 9, 2014

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Diana Friend, Communications and Marketing Director
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Leah Sewell, Communications Editor

For Immediate Release
Lit-Pop band, The Literaries, produces original library single

(Topeka, Kan.) — Everything that’s awesome about libraries is now condensed into a single upbeat, catchy song. “Library Time,” by 4-piece band, The Literaries, asks kids to cruise the stacks, learn some facts and dance in celebration of all that libraries have to offer.
The song is available on Soundcloud, on the Topeka Library’s website and is available for purchase on iTunes.

The music video is a campy tribute to hanging out in the Topeka Library, featuring youth services librarians Jean Marshall (bass) and Kyler Carpenter (guitar), the library’s digital services director David Lee King (percussion) and the library’s chief operating officer Rob Banks (keyboard). Backup singers are Natalie Moreland, Michelle Morris and Michael Perkins.

King believes that making and recording the song provided enrichment, much like the library’s community novel project, which allows staff to learn about publishing.

“With the song, the library has learned a little more about the music side of publishing – how to record a song, how to register it with the copyright office and how to get the song into iTunes,” said King.

Librarians are encouraged to use the song to spread the love of library services to children during storytimes, programs and public events. The cost to download the song is 99 cents.


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