Friends of the Library Contribute $100,000

On Thursday, Nov. 17, Linda Hayse, Friends of the Library president, gave her report to the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library’s Board of Trustees during their regular monthly meeting. Her report highlights included the activities of the Friends annual meeting, election of new board members, the annual book sale, the Chandler Booktique sales, and online book sales. She said as a result of their hard work, the Friends would be awarding the library $100,000 this year.

“I’m really proud of the volunteers and staff,” Hayse said. “This is a result of the re-organization we have gone through and the changes we have implemented in our organization, and how it has improved our book sale, Booktique and online sales. This work has made it possible to top our 2010 distribution of $82,500 to this year’s $100,000.”

Gina Millsap, Library CEO, said that the money would be used for funding needs not available in the operational budget, including library staff recognition, support in programming (summer reading, etc.), Sabatini Art Gallery events and art competition sponsorship, and community service plans to introduce reserves lockbox and/or dispenser in locations around the county.

The Friends of the Library, established in 1971, works to aide, promote, develop and advance the operation of the library. They have nearly 1,000 members and six staff who have three lines of business: selling used books through public events, retail store and online sales. The books come from donations from the community and the library. In 2010, the organization went through a process improvement and strategic planning that allowed the organization to work more efficiently and clarify goals.

“I could not have guessed that I would be managing this sort-of business when I became president,” Hayse added. “Alice Wurtz, our treasurer, has been invaluable with the advice and guidance she has provided. My ‘friends’ have made me look good!”

Diana is the communications & marketing director. She spends her days managing all the library’s communications and marketing strategies that help connect people to library resources, services and happenings. A seasoned professional, she has been telling stories in print, digital, video and live broadcast formats for three decades.