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Changes are coming to the library’s digital music lineup. The library’s subscription to Freegal Music was discontinued October 31, 2015. Customers will have access to digital music albums through hoopla and to physical music albums through our large music CD collection, which consists of over 11,000 CDs.

“The library strives to offer our customers the best selection in our digital music platforms,” says Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, tech services supervisor. “Hoopla is proving to be a product that grows with the needs of our customers and offers benefits beyond what Freegal has available.”

Library customers who frequently download music from the library might have a few questions. We’ve tried to answer them here. But if you don’t see your question responded to below, feel free to get in touch with us.

  • Will I be able to download and keep songs or albums with hoopla like I can with Freegal?
    • Answer:  you can download entire albums on hoopla. They stay on your mobile/tablet device or computer for 7 days and then automatically return to hoopla.  You don’t “keep” the music permanently on hoopla but instead borrow it like you would a physical item checked out from the library. There are no late fees for hoopla checkouts.
  • Will I get to keep the songs I already downloaded from Freegal?
    • Answer:  it depends on how you manage the music files.
        • Music downloaded via a computer (Mac or PC):  Yes, you get to keep the music. It should already be in a file(s) on your computer.
        • Music downloaded/accessed through Freegal app on Apple devices:  Music needs to be backed up from the device to iTunes in order to be permanently retained. Freegal provides instructions on how to do this in the FAQ on the Freegal website. The friendly librarians at Las Vegas Clark County District Library have also created helpful instructions.
        • Music downloaded/accessed through Freegal app on Android devices:  music needs to be transferred to a computer or to another file in order to be permanently retained. Freegal provides instructions on what to do with Android devices.
        • Make sure to transfer your music out of the app into a designated file or other music management program. Access to library Freegal accounts will end on October 31.

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  • How much music is on hoopla?
    • 30,089 labels
    • 134,416 artists
    • 258,769 albums
  • How do I know what music is on hoopla?
    • Answer: explore hoopla music or look up an album or artist in the library catalog. We import thousands of music records for hoopla each month into the library catalog.

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  1. This is disappointing. I don’t particularly care for “renting” music, and I already have Spotify for streaming. Sad day.

  2. I am disappointed. The selection of blues music is not even close to the selection on Freegall. I listen to all my music on a Zune mp3 player and I don’t get to do that now. Please reconsider. Bring back Freegall!

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